Since the early 1900″s, this international day of celebration
has been recognized in honor of all the women
who have fought tirelessly to live an equal life
to their fellow man.
They weren’t just fighting for equal pay and opportunity,
they were fighting to be heard, to be counted,
to vote, and most importantly, to be acknowledged
as a vital part of society.
Each of them forging through years of prejudice
and constraints and often times paying
the ultimate price for their freedom.
I wonder if they imagined a world like we have today
where a woman can do absolutely anything.
Thank you to all the women who came before us
that stepped out and spoke up for equality.
We are living proof that your voices were heard. ♡




I love this photo of mommy and me.
The pure joy in her smile.
So young and beautiful. 

Lost in the innocence of the moment.

On this particular Mother’s Day,
I want to remember this 21-year-old girl
and dream about how happy she must have been.
Before all the craziness of her life took hold
of her, I want to imagine how much in love
she was with her new husband and first baby.

I want to dream about her laughing
and feeling excited about everything.
Just today, I’m going to put aside the rest of her story
and imagine what this particular day was like for her;
looking at her little baby girl with so much hope and excitement.
Pure sweet love between a mother and her baby.
(I know the feeling well.)

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.
Just like in this photo,
I hope you are smiling down upon my two children and me today.
We sure do miss you.



“It is better to offer no excuse than to offer a bad one.”
~George Washington

We all make mistakes.
It’s human nature to stumble every once in a while.
So when it happens to you, just admit it,
apologize and try to make it right.
After all, it was just a lapse in judgment,
a hick-up, a big oops!
Don’t try to make excuses when
the person affected by your oversight
is glaring at you in disbelief.
They already know what you did wrong;
making an excuse will just delay any chance of clemency.

So jump in, guilt and all, and say,
“I’m sorry”; unless, of course, the dog did it. ♡



February 9, 2017 – National Pizza Day

Can you believe that the average American
consumes an average 23 pounds of pizza each year.
(I feel full just reading this.)
In the USA, over 3 billion fresh pizzas and
1 billion frozen pizzas are sold every year.
As you would expect,
the first Pizzeria opened in Naples, Italy in 1738.
(Of course it was.)
The first in the USA was opened in 1895 in New York City.
So get started my friend, because after today,
you will have 22 pounds of pizza to finish
before the end of the year. Mangia



“There are as many nights as days,
and the one is just as long as the other
in the year’s course.
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness,
and the word happy would lose it’s meaning
if it were not balanced by sadness.”

➺Carl Gustav Jung

I needed this reminder as I struggle through these
dark short days of winter. Suffering through the flu,
a bad cold, and sore joints makes me appreciate
the jubilant feeling of the sunshine on my face
and the warm temperatures filling my body
with healthy endorphins.
But I can’t get to the summer without first
surviving the winter just like I need to get through
the tough times to celebrate the good ones.
Life really is a balance.
We all may lead different lives but not one of us
gets through without our own ups and downs.
So don’t let yourself get too down on life
because something wonderful is just around the corner. ♡



Let us learn from the years already gone by.
Don’t waste one day on regrets.
Don’t waste time complaining.
Don’t say negative things about yourself or others.
Don’t abuse your body.
Don’t forget to keep God in your life.

Please ~
Do take care of yourself.
Do speak kindly about yourself and others.
Do charity work.
Do learn something new,
Do go somewhere you have never been.
Do something you have never done.
Do meditate for peace and balance.
Do walk every day for your heart and your mind.
Do pray for your soul.
Do keep God in your life. ✞

*Wishing you all a blessed and joyful 2017!!



The Christmas Season has arrived
and with it craziness abounds with endless lists
and immeasurable pressure on all of us.
Makes me feel like a scrooge every year
and I’m afraid I have impressed this
disgruntled attitude upon my children.

However. . . . today I woke
with an overwhelming feeling of calm.
“What the heck is this?” Was my first thought.
I closed my eyes, took in a few deep breaths
and pretended to wake again just in case
I was still dreaming.
But I was neither dead nor dreaming
so before I lost that loving feeling,
I decided to ‘embrace’ it!!

As I sipped my first cup of coffee,
mmmm. . . . I slowly gazed upon the
multitude of lists I have taped to my cabinets.
Go here, buy this, wrap that, bake these,
send this, clean that. . . and instead
of feeling my heart rate climb to a
dangerous level, I simply continued to
enjoy my morning coffee.
I told myself ~ RELAX Claudia !!!
And I am. . . . and I’m sending this
message to you to try your best
to do the same.

I know it isn’t easy. . . Really I do!!
But at least try, even if it
only lasts for this one day!
This cup of coffee will probably morph
into a sparkly glass of Prosecco later. ♡


“Sweet Sneakers”

The “Care Bags” project has provided over 275 bags
of clothing and personal items to the young girls
who are placed within the Adelphoi Organization.
I am so proud of all we do to help them.
When I receive their hand written notes of thanks,
my heart is reassured that we are doing a good thing.

Recently I have come to learn that several of these
young ladies are coming in barefoot.
Just the thought that a young girl does
not own a pair of shoes is more than I can even imagine,

That is how “Sweet Sneakers” came about.
If we donated one pair of slightly worn or new
tennis shoes that were just sitting in our closets,
we can give some dignity back to a young girl
who has gone through unthinkable heartache and pain.
I brought a pair in this week and this particular
young lady had them on her little feet in seconds.
The smile on her face was all the thanks I needed.

If you think you can help,
just message me. All sizes needed.
Thank you – from the bottom of my heart.




If you do nothing else this evening, step outside
and look up to the heavens.
I was putting my home in order and getting ready
for a busy week when I noticed an extraordinary glow
pouring in through the windows.
Curiosity brought me towards my front door.
I stepped out and immediately became mesmerized
in awe at the beauty before me.
The most magnificent full moon in all its brilliance
was lighting up the dark sky. It took my breath away.
I could barely turn my eyes away.
God is good.



World Kindness Day – November 13 ❀

A sweet little day, tucked away
in the second week of November
to observe the power of ‘kindness’.
It was created in 1998 to encourage us
to overlook our differences
in religion, race, and politics
and simply be kind to each other.
I think it is a splendid idea and
the timing this year is impeccable.

Just this morning, I dropped something in the
grocery store. A perfect stranger walked up
behind me and handed it to me.
I felt full of appreciation and found
myself in the same situation later in the
parking lot. The gentleman seemed very
surprised – he smiled and thanked me. ☺

Random acts of kindness are contagious.
Offering a warm gesture to someone, instills in them
the desire to reach out to another. ♡