This new movement hit the networks like it was the next best thing since the sexual revolution. “Ban Bossy” is a campaign created to eliminate the word ‘Bossy’. Why? ‘Bossy’ IS an important word!

This collective group of high-powered woman, along with LeanIn.Org and the Girl Scouts of the USA, have created a PSA (public service announcement) to abolish the word “Bossy”. They claim that when a boy takes charge of a situation, he is referred to as a leader but when a girl does, she is considered bossy. Says who?

I have raised a strong-willed daughter who follows no one. I have never heard the word Bossy and if I had I would encourage her that it was a good word and to let it go. I would also encourage her to continue on her path, let no one tell her she can’t and work hard for her dreams. I know countless women who have done exactly the same with their daughters and never once has anyone complained that someone called their daughter ‘Bossy’. So please tell me, you so-called powerful women, where are you getting this information?

When I walk into a school to talk with the girls, I have never once been instructed to help the girls through their fear of being called ‘Bossy’. Not once. When I work with the troubled young ladies in these secure facilities, they have never once told me they had a problem with being ‘Bossy’.

I believe this is just another way to control and manipulate our lives. Please stop telling us what to say to our children. Stop telling our daughters that ‘Bossy’ is a bad word because it isn’t. For your information, Ladies, our daughters are becoming, doctors, dentists, surgeons, lawyers, chefs, teachers, politicians, managers, and actors. Not because ‘You’ told us what to say, but because we know how to raise a strong and confident woman.

So please, if you have that much time on your hands, put on some work clothes and go help that single mother down the street clean her house; or the single father make dinner for his children; or the ‘Bossy’ woman in the courthouse fighting for child support.

There are hundreds of other words that are disgusting and demeaning to women. ‘Bossy’ is NOT one of them! So please, ladies, go home and take care of your own problems and leave the WORDS to us. We know how to read a dictionary; do you?

Claudia ❀


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