The ‘CARE BAG’ project was created for the young girls who are brought into the Adelphoi Placement homes. During my first few months working with these young ladies, I became aware that many of them are brought into the facility with nothing more than the clothing they are wearing.

During one of my visits, I noticed a very quiet girl, sitting alone,
who hadn’t been there the week before.
After class I had an opportunity to speak with her.
Like many of the other’s; her story broke my heart.
She was brought into the facility in the middle of the night
following a very dangerous situation at her home.
She was barely dressed.
The staff had to scramble to find her clothes.
I knew I had to do something.
This should never happen.

After a good bit of planning CARE BAGS❀
was created.
Upon admission, each girl receives a bag of clothing and
personal hygiene items.

The contents are for them to keep along with the bag,
many I sew personally.

I make sure they have clean under garments,
a t-shirt, warm sweat pants, and cozy hoodie.
They receive sox, slippers, a journal,
and everything to keep themselves clean.
I also write a personal note and tuck it into the bag.
I want them to know that there really are people
that care about them.
So very often, they have no one.

When the girls come to the facility
with some of their own clothes,
I supply a toiletry bag for them.
It contains all the personal items
they may need.
I also supply a cute little bag that
is theirs to keep.

These placement facilities are a part of the
Adelphoi Village Homes in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
The girls range in age from 13 to 19.
After getting to know them
how could I turn away?
It is impossible.
I have received countless letters
from them, telling me their life stories.
I will carry them in my heart for the
rest of my life.
I pray for them every day.

I will update this page from time to time,
with stories, photos, and news.
Thank you for your prayers and donations.
They are very much appreciated.


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