Hello Everyone,
I hope this finds you well and healthy inside your homes.
It has been a long time since my last post.
You see, I’ve been a bit nervous about what to say.
A loss for words? Oh my goodness, Me? – not a chance;
but a choice of words, maybe.

With the situation our world is facing, a plethora of thoughts,
opinions, questions and comments have been swirling through my mind,
so much so, that I often feel as though the rapid surge of brain activity
will knock me off my feet; and at times, it does.
The news is exhausting. I can only, in a very small way,
imagine what the leaders around the world are experiencing.
I have no doubt they are doing everything they can to get us through this.
I pray for them every day. When this passes,
I believe we all will be living within the guidelines of a new way of life;
a new normal. I am preparing myself for these changes.
After all, one of the certainties in life is that nothing stays the same.

This morning, as I was opening my home to another new day:
making my bed, raising the blinds, turning off the outside lights,
and brewing my coffee, I heard some tweeting out my front door.
I looked through the sidelights and saw nothing.
I slowly opened my front door and saw this beautiful nest
sitting in the shrub a few feet away. The mother was actually
sitting within the wreath hanging on my door.
The motion of the door must have startled her and she flew away.
I have no doubt she will return.

So within the midst of these crazy times, looking at
those beautiful blue eggs all snuggled in their safe nest;
their mother watching over them, I realized that the world will go on
with or without us. As precious as each one of us is,
we are on this incredible earth for a very short period of time.
God knew this and created a world that would sustain itself
for every person who would pass through.
With each spring bringing to life a fresh start
and the promise of a better tomorrow.
My dear friend, I have found that giving thanks keeps me humble
to the power of God and the world around me.
I hope and pray you are safe, healthy, and at peace.
My mother used to tell me during some of the most difficult times
in my life that “This too shall pass.” And, it will.
God Bless and much love. ♥︎




Have you ever tried to console a friend
when they were in the throws of deep emotional pain?
We struggle to find the right words to comfort them but
so very often our words just get in the way.
All they really need is our love and support, not words.
Mending a broken heart, in spite of the reason,
can seem hopeless.

I have been on both sides of this dilemma in my life
and the only thing that saved me was my faith
that God had something better planned
and the only way he could turn my head to ‘his’ direction,
was to make me so incredibly uncomfortable in where I was
that I had no choice but to surrender.
Then there are times when pain is unavoidable and
we become emotional broken through no fault of our own.
How can we fix something that can no longer be fixed?

I have a few very special friends who live their lives
with a faith so strong that they seem to float
through their problems.
I have been in awe watching them navigate
the most terrifying events. They will cry and hurt
just like the rest of us but something inside of them
knows when to turn their tears into prayers.
Witnessing their strength felt like
I was watching an angel on earth.
To be perfectly honest, I need to spend time
with these friends every now and again
because the simple act of being in their presence
fills me with peace. It’s as though their energy
exudes a positive light and illuminates my view,
like a filling station for my soul.
Do you know someone like this? I hope so.

I want to believe that I am growing stronger in my faith
because of these special friends and that with each stumble
I am able to offer up my fears and remain calm while
believing that there is another plan in the works.
(Not an easy task for an emotional Italian.)

Please understand; I am in no way diminishing
anyones situation. I’ll hear someone’s story and wonder how,
on God’s earth, they will survive it.
But I have also seen these same people work through heartache,
countless tears and pain and survive. Scarred and bruised,
they somehow manage to find their footing again
with deeper faith than when it all began.
All because they surrendered and prayed.

Emotional pain changes everyone it touches.
Having a strong faith in God’s plan will soften the fall,
change our direction, and fill us with his love and grace. <3



Every once in a while,
someone makes a comment that makes my mind spin.
Their words screech through me and
I can feel my body shifting to the flight or fight response.
My entire spine tenses to a heightened awareness
and then nothing.
My mind and voice become totally disconnected
and I find myself either changing the subject
or removing myself from their company. Why?
Why could I not respond? I’m not a shy woman.
What happened to my brain? My voice?

Does this ever happen to you?
The words are whirling around inside your brain
just waiting to be lined up in to sentence formation
and released into the conversation,
but for some inexplicable reason, the circuit
has been cut and you are left with nothingness.
I retreat scolding myself and then, a little too late,
recite to no one in particular,
exactly what I could have and should have said.
This ridiculous lack of mental control is childish,
and makes me feel weak. I am not weak!
But how, I ask you, how can I connect the dots?

As I look back over some of these experiences,
I realize that maybe walking away was
the right thing to do at that time.
Many of these peculiar comments were made
at social functions where creating a heated conversation
would have been inappropriate. Other times
the person delivering the left hook was someone
I wouldn’t want to spar with anyhow.
Could it be possible that during that moment
of flight-or-fight, my mind chose flight
for a reason I could not consciously comprehend
quickly enough? Maybe.

I have learned a great deal over my many years
of befuddled responses.
Since reminiscing in frustration far too long,
I feel confident that when my volleying opportunity
presents itself again, I will calmly, respectfully
and without hesitation express my opinion.
Unless, of course, the angelic voice from my right shoulder
intercepts the ornery brod from the other side of the tracks
from expressing herself, which unfortunately,
I have little control over.
I’m guessing the subject matter will determine the outcome.
But let’s be honest. At the end of the day,
after all the could-a should-a, would-a’s,
some things are actually better left unsaid. ♡


My Morning Prayer ❀


“God, I receive the gift of this day,
and I open my heart to your desires
for my life and this world.
I dedicate all my work today to you
and promise to express myself with respect and decency.
Please fill me with your grace
and help me find peace and contentment.
Amen “

Each morning offers a new opportunity to live a good day.
No matter how I may feel or
what circumstances surround me,
I can’t move forward with my day
before reciting my morning intentions.
This short prayer has become my proclamation.
It sets my mind in a good place and reminds me
why I am on this earth; to do good,
be productive and kind, help others, and give thanks.

Despite all the violence, anger, and vulgarity
infiltrating our society, I know that as long
as I stay connected to God, I will be blessed
with his grace and love and protected from
becoming pulled into the angry rhetoric
that so many have adopted as the new norm.
I will not let that happen to me
or to the people I love.
My life is too precious for that.
So is yours. ❤️



Easter Morning

I love Easter Morning. ✞
I open my eyes to the perfect sound of quiet
following several hectic days of preparation and
before serving this huge meal to a
houseful of company.
The sun has begun to peak over the hillside
just enough to see the outline of the horizon.
There is no noise, no conversation,
no decisions to be made and no one else is awake.
I step out of bed,
slide my feet into my soft slippers,
wrap my body in something cozy,
shuffle into my quite kitchen,
brew a hot cup of coffee and gaze out the window.
It is in these very private moments
that I find my peace with God.
“Good Morning Lord”.
My first prayer is for the rest of my family
to sleep a little longer.

On these very special holiday mornings,
I sometimes feel that God is actually waiting for me.
As though one day he is going to jump out and say
‘Surprise sleepy head”.
I know this may sound rather silly
but over the years I have come to cherish
these quiet mornings
because in this tranquil still space
of my humble kitchen I can feel his grace.

Is my life perfect? Not by a long shot.
Am I truly happy? Sometimes.
Does my family all get along? Not a chance.
But in these moments of solitude,
God’s grace fills my soul and in that short space of time
when he and I are alone,
I thank him for this crazy life of mine.
I thank him for everything, the good and the bad,
the perfect and the imperfect.
I thank him for sending his son and to help
me live more like him.
I ask for his forgiveness and I pray for his protection.
I send my love to my dear mother and grandmother
and I ask them to continue their watch over my children.
Time seems to drift through me.
My mind is floating like a soft cloud.
I feel totally relaxed. My body and soul are still.
I breath. . . . . .

Before I realize it, the sound of footsteps
snaps me back to reality
and my very special alone time is over.
I dry my eyes, take in a deep breath
and pull myself back to reality.
How much time has passed? Is he gone?
I refresh my coffee and collect my thoughts.
Breath. Breath again. . . . Alright, I’m here.
Someone shuffles into the kitchen.
“Good Morning” “Happy Easter!” ✞



Since the early 1900″s, this international day of celebration
has been recognized in honor of all the women
who have fought tirelessly to live an equal life
to their fellow man.
They weren’t just fighting for equal pay and opportunity,
they were fighting to be heard, to be counted,
to vote, and most importantly, to be acknowledged
as a vital part of society.
Each of them forging through years of prejudice
and constraints and often times paying
the ultimate price for their freedom.
I wonder if they imagined a world like we have today
where a woman can do absolutely anything.
Thank you to all the women who came before us
that stepped out and spoke up for equality.
We are living proof that your voices were heard. ♡




I love this photo of mommy and me.
The pure joy in her smile.
So young and beautiful. 

Lost in the innocence of the moment.

On this particular Mother’s Day,
I want to remember this 21-year-old girl
and dream about how happy she must have been.
Before all the craziness of her life took hold
of her, I want to imagine how much in love
she was with her new husband and first baby.

I want to dream about her laughing
and feeling excited about everything.
Just today, I’m going to put aside the rest of her story
and imagine what this particular day was like for her;
looking at her little baby girl with so much hope and excitement.
Pure sweet love between a mother and her baby.
(I know the feeling well.)

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.
Just like in this photo,
I hope you are smiling down upon my two children and me today.
We sure do miss you.



“It is better to offer no excuse than to offer a bad one.”
~George Washington

We all make mistakes.
It’s human nature to stumble every once in a while.
So when it happens to you, just admit it,
apologize and try to make it right.
After all, it was just a lapse in judgment,
a hick-up, a big oops!
Don’t try to make excuses when
the person affected by your oversight
is glaring at you in disbelief.
They already know what you did wrong;
making an excuse will just delay any chance of clemency.

So jump in, guilt and all, and say,
“I’m sorry”; unless, of course, the dog did it. ♡



February 9, 2017 – National Pizza Day

Can you believe that the average American
consumes an average 23 pounds of pizza each year.
(I feel full just reading this.)
In the USA, over 3 billion fresh pizzas and
1 billion frozen pizzas are sold every year.
As you would expect,
the first Pizzeria opened in Naples, Italy in 1738.
(Of course it was.)
The first in the USA was opened in 1895 in New York City.
So get started my friend, because after today,
you will have 22 pounds of pizza to finish
before the end of the year. Mangia