As always, the beginning of a school year
opens the floodgates to the cosmic surge of
social interaction between millions of teenagers
all over the country.
Parents and teachers are preaching in unison
the cautionary forewarnings of misconduct, drugs,
and the misuse of social media. The problems is,
our children won’t be simply punished if
they choose to step over that cautionary line,
they will be prosecuted by the very law that
was written to protect them.

Although school has just begun, two teens in North Carolina
have found themselves in more legal trouble
than they ever thought possible.
They were 16 years old when they decided
to take naked photos of themselves.
‘For their eyes only’, were their intentions
until a totally separate case
brought the authorities to investigate
a statutory rape case neither had any involvement with.
Innocently, the young boy handed over his phone
to clear his name and guess what they found;
those private and very intimate photos
of him and his girlfriend.
The investigators were not amused.

Finding nude photos on a teen’s cell phone
is still disturbing and when they get in the wrong hands
they become headline news and inevitably
destroy the lives of those involved.
For these two teens, their personal and private pictures,
which were meant only for them, were found by accident,
and will mar their reputations forever.


What was once thought to be bad judgment
of an immature teenage is now considered criminal behavior
in the age of modern technology.
As parents, we need to instill in our children
the horrors and destruction
that are associated with these decisions.
Please!!! Hold on to your parental rights as long as you can.
Take their phones once a week and go through them.
Look at their photos, messages, and e-mail.
If they don’t like it or get mad, shut off service to the phone.
Stop worrying if your child will be mad or upset with you.
You may be saving their future
and in some cases of intimidation and bullying,
you may save their lives.
No one ever said it was easy raising a child
and today it will be the hardest thing you ever do.
But WE have to step up and do something.
Just like drugs, these bad decisions can and will destroy our children.

To all you parents of teens: HOLD ON!
You are officially on the most terrifying ride of your lifetime.
Put on your ‘MEAN PARENT’ hat and go head first into the storm.
My exhausted heart feels your pain and will pray for you. ♡



No one ever is – sweet girl.

Things happen to us every day.
Some of them have such a profound effect on us that
walking away unaffected is impossible.

Please don’t feel alone.
What ever has happened to you has most
definitely happened to someone else too.
After your tears have fallen,
gently wipe your eyes and look at the
young woman who survived it.

Someone may have tried to break you in half,
but look in the mirror and see that you are still whole.
I promise you: your wounds will heal,
your broken heart will mend, and
your scars will fade.

Say to yourself:
“I am not the same person I used to be,
but I am myself: unique, precious, and alive.”



A video EVERY young girl should see!
It is truly incredible what can happen when one very brave girl
faces her biggest fears.
Not only is she an inspiration,
but the girl who bullied her will surprise you!

One bright light in the sea of anger can light up the world!”



“I believe in you.
Despite what anyone has every said or done to you.
I believe that you are special.
I believe that you have a purpose more spectacular
than you could ever imagine.
I believe you can grab a hold of your life
and make the right changes.
I believe that you can most definitely make a difference.

Because I believe you are bigger, stronger,
and more beautiful than all the bad
that has happened to you.”
XO ~ Claudia



Then, we land on him. . . .at the bottom. . . .
and there he is to pick us up
and lead us in a new direction.
We ignored the signs -
those obvious messages telling us we were
not where we were supposed to be.
So we fell – we fell hard – and when we
gathered the strength to stand again,
we had no where else to go but up -
in a new direction -
to the place we were meant to be all along. ♡



It happened.
You can’t change it,
but you can move forward from it.

It happened.
You won’t forget it,
but you can learn from it.

It happened.
You made mistakes,
but today is a new opportunity
to make better choices.

The first time we make a mistake.
The second time we make a choice.
Learn from those bad choices and
turn that regret into motivation
to do better. ♡


You Are You ✿

You are the only person who has the insight into the trueness of you.
People can have a multitude of opinions about you,
but they mean absolutely nothing.
They are simply ‘words’.
You, on the other hand,
have infinite power to live a life you were destined to experience.
So let those words float away.
Don’t allow them to settle into your consciousness.
Open your mind to the incredible possibility that is
uniquely YOU!



There are so many times in our lives when we say ‘NO’
because it isn’t the right time, right person, right place,
or right thing.
We know the ‘yes’ will come and we are willing to wait for it.

There are also times in our lives when saying ‘NO’
is non-negotiable!!!
There will NEVER be a time when our answer will change.

Drugs - NO
Drinking and Driving – NO
Unprotected Sex – NO

Each of these can and will change the outcome of our lives.
All three can destroy us.
All three can kill us.

“How do I say no?”
You simply say “NO” when asked and then as quickly as possible,
remove yourself from the area.
Don’t go on and on about it.
Don’t make up a grand story or explanation.
Just “No”.
Then – immediately – leave.
They will try to change your mind! Don’t give them the opportunity.

I can promise you; this is one word you will NEVER regret using!
Lucky for you; you’ll have the rest of your life
to celebrate the fact that you did!