Hello Everyone,
I hope this finds you well and healthy inside your homes.
It has been a long time since my last post.
You see, I’ve been a bit nervous about what to say.
A loss for words? Oh my goodness, Me? – not a chance;
but a choice of words, maybe.

With the situation our world is facing, a plethora of thoughts,
opinions, questions and comments have been swirling through my mind,
so much so, that I often feel as though the rapid surge of brain activity
will knock me off my feet; and at times, it does.
The news is exhausting. I can only, in a very small way,
imagine what the leaders around the world are experiencing.
I have no doubt they are doing everything they can to get us through this.
I pray for them every day. When this passes,
I believe we all will be living within the guidelines of a new way of life;
a new normal. I am preparing myself for these changes.
After all, one of the certainties in life is that nothing stays the same.

This morning, as I was opening my home to another new day:
making my bed, raising the blinds, turning off the outside lights,
and brewing my coffee, I heard some tweeting out my front door.
I looked through the sidelights and saw nothing.
I slowly opened my front door and saw this beautiful nest
sitting in the shrub a few feet away. The mother was actually
sitting within the wreath hanging on my door.
The motion of the door must have startled her and she flew away.
I have no doubt she will return.

So within the midst of these crazy times, looking at
those beautiful blue eggs all snuggled in their safe nest;
their mother watching over them, I realized that the world will go on
with or without us. As precious as each one of us is,
we are on this incredible earth for a very short period of time.
God knew this and created a world that would sustain itself
for every person who would pass through.
With each spring bringing to life a fresh start
and the promise of a better tomorrow.
My dear friend, I have found that giving thanks keeps me humble
to the power of God and the world around me.
I hope and pray you are safe, healthy, and at peace.
My mother used to tell me during some of the most difficult times
in my life that “This too shall pass.” And, it will.
God Bless and much love. ♥︎



Every once in a while,
someone makes a comment that makes my mind spin.
Their words screech through me and
I can feel my body shifting to the flight or fight response.
My entire spine tenses to a heightened awareness
and then nothing.
My mind and voice become totally disconnected
and I find myself either changing the subject
or removing myself from their company. Why?
Why could I not respond? I’m not a shy woman.
What happened to my brain? My voice?

Does this ever happen to you?
The words are whirling around inside your brain
just waiting to be lined up in to sentence formation
and released into the conversation,
but for some inexplicable reason, the circuit
has been cut and you are left with nothingness.
I retreat scolding myself and then, a little too late,
recite to no one in particular,
exactly what I could have and should have said.
This ridiculous lack of mental control is childish,
and makes me feel weak. I am not weak!
But how, I ask you, how can I connect the dots?

As I look back over some of these experiences,
I realize that maybe walking away was
the right thing to do at that time.
Many of these peculiar comments were made
at social functions where creating a heated conversation
would have been inappropriate. Other times
the person delivering the left hook was someone
I wouldn’t want to spar with anyhow.
Could it be possible that during that moment
of flight-or-fight, my mind chose flight
for a reason I could not consciously comprehend
quickly enough? Maybe.

I have learned a great deal over my many years
of befuddled responses.
Since reminiscing in frustration far too long,
I feel confident that when my volleying opportunity
presents itself again, I will calmly, respectfully
and without hesitation express my opinion.
Unless, of course, the angelic voice from my right shoulder
intercepts the ornery brod from the other side of the tracks
from expressing herself, which unfortunately,
I have little control over.
I’m guessing the subject matter will determine the outcome.
But let’s be honest. At the end of the day,
after all the could-a should-a, would-a’s,
some things are actually better left unsaid. ♡




Do you ever receive something in the mail
that is protected with either bubble wrap
or this foam sheeting?

Well, don’t throw it away.
It makes the perfect protective layer
between your china and bowls.
Just cut it into the sizes you need
and layer between your bowls, plates, and platters.

This product works fabulously
for your holiday dishware,
special occasion platters,
and those tiny plates and candy dishes
that you only use once in a while.

Now you won’t have to hold your breath
hoping you won’t chip your treasures
as you pull them from the cupboard.
Oh, I LOVE when everything is neat and tidy!




Have you ever had a friend who was so distraught
that you could almost feel their heart breaking?
You want desperately to reach out to comfort them
but the words simply won’t come.
Unfortunately, there are times in our lives
where there are no solutions.
There is no magic wand.
There are no magic words.

During those difficult times, all we can do
is listen patiently, comfort them with a warm embrace,
and run when they cry. Even if there are no answers,
there can always be friendship, prayer, and love.

Today, I dropped off this special wooden rosary to my friend.
It is small enough for her to carry in her pocket
and significant enough to feel like she has
something to hold on to. ✞

“I’ll be praying for you, my friend.”
Day – 5

Claudia ❀




I was so excited to FINALLY see fresh produce in the grocery store
that I actually let out a little ‘Yippee’!!
Today – strawberries on my cereal,
strawberries in my yogurt,
strawberries with fresh whipped cream for dessert!
Happy Monday To You! ♡

Claudia ❀





Tuesday morning Megan could hardly breath; her tonsils were so swollen, she couldn’t speak or swallow. Opening night was in 2 (two) days. She did not have an understudy. “PANIC!!”

High doses of steroids, very strong antibiotics, and some intense loving care from her mother and father, brought Megan from the brink back to life.

Megan, along with 70 other actors and 60 musicians from the North Allegheny High School created a highly energized, creative, inspirational, dazzling, and intensely entertaining rendition of the Broadway play: SHREK. I was blown away! No one would have known that this young lady couldn’t even speak 4 days earlier. She nailed every note. She took my breath away! Did I mention she is an honor student and is planning a career in medicine? WOW!

Day-4 – Beautiful flowers for a beautiful FIONA! You were brilliant, Megan! ♡





The lens fell out of my glasses. It was the end of the business day so I decided to go to an eye clinic not far from my home. I walked in and explained my situation; they were very gracious about helping me. As I sat across the table from the woman adjusting my glasses, our conversation turned to her son. He was in a motorcycle accident not long ago. He was sitting at a red light when a man drove his truck through the intersection taking him and two other drivers with him. They were all taken by life-flight to trauma centers. Her son survived.

They had cut his clothing off his body in order to care for his injuries and gave her the fragments in a plastic bag. As she sat vigilantly by his side, she looked down at the bag of fabric. Through the plastic she could see the back pocket to his jeans. There was a strange marking on it. She reached in and pulled it out. In her hand was the perfect outline of a cross. She saw him when he left the house that day and there were no markings anywhere. That particular pocket was on his backside, the only part of his body not injured in the crash. Tears filled her eyes. At that moment, she realized her son would survive. There was a much bigger purpose for him. ✞

By this point, I had reached across the table and held her hand. She laid her other hand over mine and began playing with my bracelet. She realized how deeply emotional she became and tried to lighten the mood by telling me how much she was admiring my bracelet. Without a thought, I rolled it off my arm and gave it to her.

I hope when she wears it – she smiles. God only knows, we all need a reason to smile now and again. ♡

Day 3 – Complete

Claudia ❀




My mom. . . .those two words represent an epic story about a woman who knows no limit to life’s possibilities. Her dreams have always been much larger than her reality and she has taken those who love her on an amazing ride. These days, mom isn’t quite herself; her energy and drive have slowed a bit and we are trying to simplify as much of her daily routine as possible. One of those areas is her shoes; easy on and easy off seems to suit her. Today, my gift is a pair of slip-on Sketcher casual shoes. She loves them! They are cushiony and wide on the bottom, which gives her a feeling of balance and support. They also protect her feet in and out of the house. Something so small made her so happy!
My day is complete! Love ya mom!