Easter Morning

I love Easter Morning. ✞
I open my eyes to the perfect sound of quiet
following several hectic days of preparation and
before serving this huge meal to a
houseful of company.
The sun has begun to peak over the hillside
just enough to see the outline of the horizon.
There is no noise, no conversation,
no decisions to be made and no one else is awake.
I step out of bed,
slide my feet into my soft slippers,
wrap my body in something cozy,
shuffle into my quite kitchen,
brew a hot cup of coffee and gaze out the window.
It is in these very private moments
that I find my peace with God.
“Good Morning Lord”.
My first prayer is for the rest of my family
to sleep a little longer.

On these very special holiday mornings,
I sometimes feel that God is actually waiting for me.
As though one day he is going to jump out and say
‘Surprise sleepy head”.
I know this may sound rather silly
but over the years I have come to cherish
these quiet mornings
because in this tranquil still space
of my humble kitchen I can feel his grace.

Is my life perfect? Not by a long shot.
Am I truly happy? Sometimes.
Does my family all get along? Not a chance.
But in these moments of solitude,
God’s grace fills my soul and in that short space of time
when he and I are alone,
I thank him for this crazy life of mine.
I thank him for everything, the good and the bad,
the perfect and the imperfect.
I thank him for sending his son and to help
me live more like him.
I ask for his forgiveness and I pray for his protection.
I send my love to my dear mother and grandmother
and I ask them to continue their watch over my children.
Time seems to drift through me.
My mind is floating like a soft cloud.
I feel totally relaxed. My body and soul are still.
I breath. . . . . .

Before I realize it, the sound of footsteps
snaps me back to reality
and my very special alone time is over.
I dry my eyes, take in a deep breath
and pull myself back to reality.
How much time has passed? Is he gone?
I refresh my coffee and collect my thoughts.
Breath. Breath again. . . . Alright, I’m here.
Someone shuffles into the kitchen.
“Good Morning” “Happy Easter!” ✞


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