Have you ever tried to console a friend
when they were in the throws of deep emotional pain?
We struggle to find the right words to comfort them but
so very often our words just get in the way.
All they really need is our love and support, not words.
Mending a broken heart, in spite of the reason,
can seem hopeless.

I have been on both sides of this dilemma in my life
and the only thing that saved me was my faith
that God had something better planned
and the only way he could turn my head to ‘his’ direction,
was to make me so incredibly uncomfortable in where I was
that I had no choice but to surrender.
Then there are times when pain is unavoidable and
we become emotional broken through no fault of our own.
How can we fix something that can no longer be fixed?

I have a few very special friends who live their lives
with a faith so strong that they seem to float
through their problems.
I have been in awe watching them navigate
the most terrifying events. They will cry and hurt
just like the rest of us but something inside of them
knows when to turn their tears into prayers.
Witnessing their strength felt like
I was watching an angel on earth.
To be perfectly honest, I need to spend time
with these friends every now and again
because the simple act of being in their presence
fills me with peace. It’s as though their energy
exudes a positive light and illuminates my view,
like a filling station for my soul.
Do you know someone like this? I hope so.

I want to believe that I am growing stronger in my faith
because of these special friends and that with each stumble
I am able to offer up my fears and remain calm while
believing that there is another plan in the works.
(Not an easy task for an emotional Italian.)

Please understand; I am in no way diminishing
anyones situation. I’ll hear someone’s story and wonder how,
on God’s earth, they will survive it.
But I have also seen these same people work through heartache,
countless tears and pain and survive. Scarred and bruised,
they somehow manage to find their footing again
with deeper faith than when it all began.
All because they surrendered and prayed.

Emotional pain changes everyone it touches.
Having a strong faith in God’s plan will soften the fall,
change our direction, and fill us with his love and grace. <3


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