“It was my pleasure.”

I absolutely LOVE when someone responds with:
“It’s my pleasure.”
These simple words lift my spirit more than you can imagine.
Just this past week, I needed to place a complicated
and extensive order for my ‘Care Bags’ program.
Even though we were on the phone for quite a while
with a good bit of price and size checking,
the lady helping me was pleasant and patient.
When we were finally finished,
I thanked her for being so kind and without hesitation,
she replied, “It was my pleasure.”
Even though a “you’re welcome”
would have been perfectly acceptable,
stepping beyond the norm and expressing this extra level
of kindheartedness was remarkable.
I hung up the phone smiling.

A similar exchange also took place in Starbucks
and again at PNC Bank. Each time, the person
made eye contact with me and spoke those kind words.
“It was my pleasure.” (Smiling!)

Why can’t everyone speak this way?
Without getting into a long synopsis explaining the
sociological demise of our society,
I will ask you this question instead?
When was the last time you spoke those words
in response to a ‘thank you’?

I’ve become obsessed with them. Want to know why?
I love the way people look at me when I use this little phrase.
I’m not sure if it’s the words themselves or the kindness
in which I say them, but it always disarms them.
There is very little one can say following this type of response,
so mostly they just smile and get on with their day.
But you see – that’s what gets to me.
If these words have the power to shoot a cupids arrow
into a cold soul, then what harm is there in using them?
There is no harm.
These words are impossible to take the wrong way.
I find that fascinating!

So as you step out into the world tomorrow,
try responding with “It was my pleasure”.
Just watch what happens – you won’t be able to stop;
it is addicting and contagious.
Can you even imagine how many people we can make smile,
just by using kind words?
Makes me giddy with excitement!
~ “I hope you have a lovely day!”


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