Today we celebrate the very first president of the United States.
An incredible man who helped establish the first free country on earth.
That freedom, however, did not come without a fight.

The history of this country is fascinating and unbelievable.
Many fearless men and women gave up their lives in the name of freedom.
Each year on the third Monday in February, we celebrate George Washington, and the 42 other men who would be President.

George Washington, and his fellow pioneers, believed in less government and more freedom for men to work hard, practice their faith, and raise a family in a country that encourages growth and prosperity. Although we are loosing site of his vision, I believe in the few honorable men and women who are collectively keeping this country alive. I also believe that one day, a fresh, principled, and conservative leader will rise from amongst us and lead this country back to where it belongs:
Freedom to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.



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