Ed came home from work yesterday and told me
that someone had asked him
if our dog Guido ever smiles.
“Of course he does!” I exclaimed.
“I hope you told her that he did!”
But, in fact, he told the woman
that he had never seen Guido smile.
With much frustration and annoyance,
I ran to my computer and pulled up
this adorable picture of Guido,
and – yes – he is smiling. ☺
“You see!” “He smiles for me all the time!”

The next day, as I was doing some paper work,
Guido began incessantly pawing at my leg.
“Come here little one”,
I said as I hoisted him up onto my lap.
“You can sit with me a few minutes.”
Following a few long strokes through his thick
soft fur, I needed to get back to work.

His body felt totally limp and relaxed
as my hands returned to the top of the desk
but he had something else on his mind.
He nudged my arms apart, stretched his neck upward
and arched his head back,
and looked directly into my eyes.
I looked down at him and without thinking
I began to rub his back again.
“What is it buddy?”
I could see that in his own way
he was simply saying ‘Thank you’.
“Thank you for loving me.”
“Thank you for letting me sit on your lap.”
“Thank you for being here.”

Just like people, dogs respond to their environment.
When a child or a pet is loved and cared for,
they grow with love and appreciation in their hearts.
Just like a smile,
their response to us is a mirror of what they see.

Our Guido turned 10 this week.
Happy Birthday Butters!
Is he spoiled?
Maybe a little;
but between his overly enthusiastic greetings
and his fanatical desire to be close to us,
how could we resist.
All he ever wants is our love and attention and
that’s what we give him.

I hope you know how much happiness
you have brought into our lives.
We Love You, our sweet furry friend! ♡


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