Honey Maid Crackers respond to non-traditional marriages. You go!

This morning on CBS was a story about the overwhelming negative response a cracker commercial received for showing non-traditional families. I sat there in awe as they described the incredibly evil, hateful, and angry remarks people sent via the Internet.

My question is this: Where is all the hatred coming from? Why would seeing a gay couple caring for a child bring out the devil’s rage in people? I can understand their disapproval of nontraditional relationships, but to lash out? Spew obscenities? Really?

Here’s the deal, PEOPLE!! Get over yourselves!! These relationships are working! Children being raised by two women are lavished in attention. Children being raised by two men are surrounded by love. Children being raised by a single parent are witnessing first hand, dedication, devotion, and hard work.

I would like to ask all of you with your sharp tongues: Is your marriage perfect? Do you think you are the ‘expert’, ‘know-it-all’, or the ‘Guru of love’? Have you successfully raised children with NO problems? Are your children in a non-traditional relationship?

Let’s be real. These people are someone’s children. Their children are someone’s grandchildren. They have good jobs, pay taxes, and contribute enormously to their communities. If you have enough time to vomit obscenities then you have too much time on your hands. Instead of trying to insult someone, do something positive. These non-traditional families are part of MY family and when you insult them, you insult all of us.

The truth is, your words mean NOTHING to these individuals. They are hurtful and very unkind. All they do is show how ignorant and mean you are.

Thank you Honey Maid. To all you non-traditional people out there: I respect your choices. I support you and I pray that you continue to live a healthy, happy, and loving life. Push aside those naysayers. They are no-body. Close your ears and live your life with LOVE! ♡



Claudia ❀


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