Hello Everyone,
I hope this finds you well and healthy inside your homes.
It has been a long time since my last post.
You see, I’ve been a bit nervous about what to say.
A loss for words? Oh my goodness, Me? – not a chance;
but a choice of words, maybe.

With the situation our world is facing, a plethora of thoughts,
opinions, questions and comments have been swirling through my mind,
so much so, that I often feel as though the rapid surge of brain activity
will knock me off my feet; and at times, it does.
The news is exhausting. I can only, in a very small way,
imagine what the leaders around the world are experiencing.
I have no doubt they are doing everything they can to get us through this.
I pray for them every day. When this passes,
I believe we all will be living within the guidelines of a new way of life;
a new normal. I am preparing myself for these changes.
After all, one of the certainties in life is that nothing stays the same.

This morning, as I was opening my home to another new day:
making my bed, raising the blinds, turning off the outside lights,
and brewing my coffee, I heard some tweeting out my front door.
I looked through the sidelights and saw nothing.
I slowly opened my front door and saw this beautiful nest
sitting in the shrub a few feet away. The mother was actually
sitting within the wreath hanging on my door.
The motion of the door must have startled her and she flew away.
I have no doubt she will return.

So within the midst of these crazy times, looking at
those beautiful blue eggs all snuggled in their safe nest;
their mother watching over them, I realized that the world will go on
with or without us. As precious as each one of us is,
we are on this incredible earth for a very short period of time.
God knew this and created a world that would sustain itself
for every person who would pass through.
With each spring bringing to life a fresh start
and the promise of a better tomorrow.
My dear friend, I have found that giving thanks keeps me humble
to the power of God and the world around me.
I hope and pray you are safe, healthy, and at peace.
My mother used to tell me during some of the most difficult times
in my life that “This too shall pass.” And, it will.
God Bless and much love. ♥︎


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