The lens fell out of my glasses. It was the end of the business day so I decided to go to an eye clinic not far from my home. I walked in and explained my situation; they were very gracious about helping me. As I sat across the table from the woman adjusting my glasses, our conversation turned to her son. He was in a motorcycle accident not long ago. He was sitting at a red light when a man drove his truck through the intersection taking him and two other drivers with him. They were all taken by life-flight to trauma centers. Her son survived.

They had cut his clothing off his body in order to care for his injuries and gave her the fragments in a plastic bag. As she sat vigilantly by his side, she looked down at the bag of fabric. Through the plastic she could see the back pocket to his jeans. There was a strange marking on it. She reached in and pulled it out. In her hand was the perfect outline of a cross. She saw him when he left the house that day and there were no markings anywhere. That particular pocket was on his backside, the only part of his body not injured in the crash. Tears filled her eyes. At that moment, she realized her son would survive. There was a much bigger purpose for him. ✞

By this point, I had reached across the table and held her hand. She laid her other hand over mine and began playing with my bracelet. She realized how deeply emotional she became and tried to lighten the mood by telling me how much she was admiring my bracelet. Without a thought, I rolled it off my arm and gave it to her.

I hope when she wears it – she smiles. God only knows, we all need a reason to smile now and again. ♡

Day 3 – Complete

Claudia ❀


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