I love this photo of mommy and me.
The pure joy in her smile.
So young and beautiful. 

Lost in the innocence of the moment.

On this particular Mother’s Day,
I want to remember this 21-year-old girl
and dream about how happy she must have been.
Before all the craziness of her life took hold
of her, I want to imagine how much in love
she was with her new husband and first baby.

I want to dream about her laughing
and feeling excited about everything.
Just today, I’m going to put aside the rest of her story
and imagine what this particular day was like for her;
looking at her little baby girl with so much hope and excitement.
Pure sweet love between a mother and her baby.
(I know the feeling well.)

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.
Just like in this photo,
I hope you are smiling down upon my two children and me today.
We sure do miss you.


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