My Morning Prayer ❀


“God, I receive the gift of this day,
and I open my heart to your desires
for my life and this world.
I dedicate all my work today to you
and promise to express myself with respect and decency.
Please fill me with your grace
and help me find peace and contentment.
Amen “

Each morning offers a new opportunity to live a good day.
No matter how I may feel or
what circumstances surround me,
I can’t move forward with my day
before reciting my morning intentions.
This short prayer has become my proclamation.
It sets my mind in a good place and reminds me
why I am on this earth; to do good,
be productive and kind, help others, and give thanks.

Despite all the violence, anger, and vulgarity
infiltrating our society, I know that as long
as I stay connected to God, I will be blessed
with his grace and love and protected from
becoming pulled into the angry rhetoric
that so many have adopted as the new norm.
I will not let that happen to me
or to the people I love.
My life is too precious for that.
So is yours. ❤️


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