There is a very large round-top window in my bedroom
sitting perched above a six-foot square of glass.
With a half wagon wheel grid
pressed inside the frame,
its vast opening brings the outside
into this peaceful and private space.
No matter what is going on in my life, good or bad,
I can look out through this porthole
and feel connected to whatever nature
intends for any particular day.

I have held my sleeping babies in my arms
while looking out of this window.
I have convalesced in my bed from my back surgeries,
unable to move but never feeling isolated
because of the view through this window.
I have been mesmerized by many bright full moons
and watched in pure awe the rising of
countless burning suns over the distant horizon.
Pure peace and quietude fills me.

One would think that living with this view
day in and day out would become routine and humdrum,
but on the contrary, I have gazed out this window
every single morning and every single evening
for the past 25 years.
Its splendor and wonder has never grown old.
Just as age has forced me to appreciate
the precious limit of time, it has also opened my mind
to the miraculous rotation of day into night. ☽

When I woke this morning, I had no particular intention
of writing about my big half round window;
that is of course, until I opened my eyes
and saw a beautiful pinkish glow fill my room.
In my sleepy haze, I couldn’t understand
what I was looking at and soon,
the light pulled me from my bed,
drawing me to my big window.
The streaks of color across the sky were breathtaking.
As the colors shifted in their intensities,
I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture.
This was a vision I wanted to remember
and share with you. ♡


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