“Let’s Talk”
A comprehensive, stimulating, and empowering program created to educate and prepare today’s youth for the challenges they face during their tumultuous teen years. “Let’s Talk” delivers thought-provoking conversation, reinforces cautionary boundaries, and offers sincere encouragement to move forward with confidence and purpose.

“Let’s Talk” is based on “20 Life Lessons”:

  • self-confidence
  • body image
  • relationships
  • bullying
  • drugs
  • dating violence
  • conflict
  • destructive choices
  • tolerance
  • responsibility
  • vindication
  • goals
  • social media
  • etiquette
  • exercise
  • spiritual connection
  • forgiveness
  • academics
  • volunteerism
  • happiness

The problems facing our children are often destroying them. I firmly believe that we need to do everything humanly possible to reach out and let them know how precious their lives are.

Venue style/size:

  • large assemblies
  • smaller intimate setting
  • one-on-one mentoring
  • corporate/parent programs

If you believe this program would benefit your school, parent organization, corporate event, or fundraiser, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I have Brochures and an Information Packet, which is yours for the asking. Please contact me at: claudia@womenarewe.com


“Claudia, you have no idea how much you meant to my daughter! She talks about you every day; incorporating so many of your tips and advice into all our lives. Thank you!”
Melissa – mother

“Amazing! You kept their attention, not a small accomplishment. They actually thanked us for your presentation. Your passion for these young ladies is palpable. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to reach out to our daughters. They need a fresh voice and I think they found it in you.”
Sarah – teacher

“Claudia captured the interest of our students and succeeded in reaching them on a personal level. The feedback was both positive and moving. She was honest and open and helped them understand the significance of their decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend Claudia to any school.”
Scott – Principal