“Sweet Sneakers”

The “Care Bags” project has provided over 275 bags
of clothing and personal items to the young girls
who are placed within the Adelphoi Organization.
I am so proud of all we do to help them.
When I receive their hand written notes of thanks,
my heart is reassured that we are doing a good thing.

Recently I have come to learn that several of these
young ladies are coming in barefoot.
Just the thought that a young girl does
not own a pair of shoes is more than I can even imagine,

That is how “Sweet Sneakers” came about.
If we donated one pair of slightly worn or new
tennis shoes that were just sitting in our closets,
we can give some dignity back to a young girl
who has gone through unthinkable heartache and pain.
I brought a pair in this week and this particular
young lady had them on her little feet in seconds.
The smile on her face was all the thanks I needed.

If you think you can help,
just message me. All sizes needed.
Thank you – from the bottom of my heart.


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