Rachel Canning, 18, is suing her parents for child support of $654 a week as well as thousands of dollars in attorney fees. She is also suing for reimbursement of her last private highs school semester and her college tuition and living expenses starting next year. These demands just happen to develop after the man who she is living with (Atty. John Inglesino) decided to take her case pro bono. Crazy!!

This past week, the Honorable Peter Bogard ruled that her parents were not responsible for child support considering that Rachel left on her own but he did rule that they must keep her on their health insurance plan and hold any college savings accounts that have already been set up for her. Her parents cried during the entire hearing.

As I watched this case unfold, several things peaked my curiosity. First and foremost, what kind of man would take in an 18 year old and encourage her to sue her parents instead of helping her to reconcile? This man is the uncle of her best friend. That alone is bizarre. Rachel’s father told the court that John Inglesino gave Rachel alcohol for the first time when she went over to visit with her friend (his niece). She became so drunk that when her father picked her up, he had to pull the car over so she could throw up.

If you have ever raised a teenager, you know first hand how tense some days can be. As a parent, you must stand your ground. You need to set limits, curfews, guidelines, and house rules. Then you need to stand behind your word. They will push you until you break if you let them. The thankless part of parenting a teen successfully is that they will hate you and make you feel mean and worthless; but if you are vigilant, in the end, you will have raised a responsible and respectful adult. An adult who will look back over those years and eventually apologize for all the crap they put you through.

This young girl needs a dose of reality. If this judge allows this to go on, the term
‘Entitled’ will reach a dangerous level. My heart is breaking for Rachel’s parents. I truly believe they have become victims of a manipulative young lady and a ruthless man who is taking advantage of a volatile situation.

What do you think?

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