Yesterday, my sister called informing me that my parents
had been in a car accident.
She assured me that they were not hurt
but that mom had fallen when they arrived home.
I was in my car before I hung up the phone.

As I pulled out of my garage
a car was coming around the corner,
so I had to wait at the end of my driveway.
In those few seconds, I reached down
to plug my phone into the car adaptor
to charge its battery.
Not paying much attention to it,
I leaned over my shoulder to make sure
the car had passed and began
to back out onto the road.
As I turned forward and put the car in drive,
the light on my phone flashed, I looked down quickly,
and this prayer appeared out of nowhere.
I slowed down my car and stared at the words.
Why did this pop up? Where did it come from?
I know that I had saved it a while ago
into my notes folder, but I hadn’t looked at it in months.

Isn’t it funny how God sends us signs?
They aren’t always in the form of a prayer,
but he sends them constantly.
A phone call from an old friend,
a sudden meeting at the store,
an overheard conversation at the coffee shop,
or even a smile from a stranger;
none of these are accidental.
I believe my grandmother is my guardian angel,
and when I feel worried or afraid,
I pray directly to her to watch over and guide me.
Considering that she is my mother’s mother;
I believe she was letting me know
that everything was going to be alright ~ it was.

Thank you Grandma.
Your sweet presence is felt every day.
I love you, Claudia.


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