Tip Of The Day-Credit Card Scam❀

Do you have any credit cards stashed away?
You know the ones – “out of sight out of mind;
they have a ‘0’ balance and I don’t use them,
so what’s the big deal? “

Well, it really is a big deal.
Today I found out that,
although I hadn’t used this particular card in a while,
someone in Texas got her grimy hands on it
and went on a shopping spree.
What???? I live in Pennsylvania!

Here’s the interesting part.
Although I still have that old card in my possession,
Ms. Texas somehow convinced the credit card company
that she was me and had them issue her a new card at a new address.
Fortunately, the credit card company saw some odd activity
and called me.

You know, I almost disconnected the phone call.
The representative said she was calling from a
credit card company that did not sound familiar to me
and wanted to know if I spent money at a spa in Texas yesterday.
After my ‘no’ reply, she went through a list
of other purchases in this same Texas town.
Ballsy girl; wasn’t she?

So my Tip for you is to go through all your old cards,
call the ‘800’ number on the back and cancel them.
If you haven’t used them in a few months
you don’t need them and the more cards you have
the more likely you will be targeted.
I plan on beginning my fall clean up in my wallet;
cancelling everything I don’t really need.
Now where did I put those scissors?


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