Most of us don’t think much about our laundry.
We separate the whites from the darks
and then throw the clothes into the dryer.
That’s about the extent of it. Right?
Not for me it isn’t. In fact,
I didn’t realize how much detail I gave to my laundry
until my son asked how to wash a quilt.
That one question opened up a litany of laundry tips
from yours truly. The conversation also made me aware
of the detail in which I was tossing
items into my washer.
Which brings me to this post.
What exactly do I mean by ‘shaking up my laundry’?
Let me share. ☺

Quite simply; I literally ‘shake out’ my clothes.
Each piece gets a once over;
looking for stains, tears, loose buttons, and empty pockets.
I also turn every piece inside out,
zip up all zippers and unbutton all buttons.
(Open zippers cause snags and tears
and closed buttons unnecessarily pull at the item
and loosens the buttons.)
I spray every neckline (and stain) with Shout
and rub thoroughly with an old toothbrush.
I have a top loader, so I carefully place all the pieces
in an even circle leaving the center open.

The second shakedown comes
after I hear the loud end-cycle buzz.
Before placing the items into the dryer,
I pull each one of them out of the washer
and give them a quick shake.
This opens up the fabric plus separates any
other items that may be stuck together.
(Have you ever pulled out a t-shirt or towel
that is twisted and damp?)
Most importantly, shaking out my clothes
gives them a chance to dry evenly and tumble freely
throughout the drying cycle.
(Please don’t throw your clothes into the dryer
in a big wet lump. It will make them sad.)
Also, I throw two tennis balls into the dryer
to break up sheet sets and smaller loads.

Don’t forget to pull out any shirts, leggings,
sweaters, and delegates after about 5 minutes
to air dry. The heat from the dryer
will destroy these particular fabrics.

For most of you, reading this post seems elementary.
But if for some reason, you walk towards your
washing machine with trepidation; I hope this helped.
I ask you, if following a few simple steps
can dramatically extend the life of your favorite pieces;
why wouldn’t you do them?

So, while most of you are saying to yourself;
“this woman is a wacko”
I’ll be heading to my laundry room
to shake down a few pair of jeans.
Maybe, I’ll find some forgotten change. ♡


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