Waking up this morning to find 6,205 e-mails
stacked inside my computer caused a loud
WHAT?” to shriek from my mouth.
Honestly, all you crazy companies out there
-stop it!!!!
I don’t need to receive 245 e-mails
from Victoria Secret to know you are having a sale-
or William Sonoma, or J. Crew, or Macy’s,
or Mountain Man, or Viagra, or Pottery Barn,
or Match.com, or Barnes and Noble, or Redbox,
or ways to earn millions simply by sitting at home.
It is ridiculous!!!

So today; in between all my other chores,
One by one, I will open a message;
scroll to the bottom; click on the UNSUBSCRIBE icon;
type in my e-mail address; and hit – UNSUBSCRIBE.
If it doesn’t work by next week,
I will repeat this process until most of them are history.

If all goes as planned, I will no longer miss
the most important messages that are usually lost
in the overwhelming barrage of e-mails
and my never ending delete – delete – delete – workout
will come to a blissful end.


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