On this one day out of 365 days, as women,
we can join together and celebrate each other.
No matter what your circumstance,
you are my equal on this earth.
I am a woman. You are a woman.
We may be different in a thousand ways
but each of us has a strong heart and a loving spirit.
So today, despite who or where you are
– I feel connected to you!
I can feel your need to achieve,
your desire to love and be loved,
and your wish to feel spiritually full and at peace. HAPPY
My wish for us is that we try more vehemently
to understand each other;
that we slow our judgment and embrace our differences,
but mostly reach out and help one another.
I can’t save or even help everyone, nor can you;
but together we can lift each other when we fall
and teach our daughters how to live with empathy,
compassion, confidence and honor.

So today, on the 8th of March, 2016, I send to you – love.
For no other reason other than I feel connected to you,
care about you, and truly respect you! ❤

~ This day is actually very pertinent to me because
this blog was created solely from this sentiment.
I have lived long enough to have seen and
experienced how difficult and rewarding
life can be and through it all,
there have been incredible women
who have influenced and helped me.
I want to pay it forward in honor of
all those women and try my best to reach out to others.
Thank you to all of you who have helped me
throughout my life.
You have truly made a difference and
I feel blessed to have known you.
Now it is OUR turn to reach out to each other.
Happy Day To You, my FRIEND! ♡


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