There are so many times in our lives when we say ‘NO’
because it isn’t the right time, right person, right place,
or right thing.
We know the ‘yes’ will come and we are willing to wait for it.

There are also times in our lives when saying ‘NO’
is non-negotiable!!!
There will NEVER be a time when our answer will change.

Drugs - NO
Drinking and Driving – NO
Unprotected Sex – NO

Each of these can and will change the outcome of our lives.
All three can destroy us.
All three can kill us.

“How do I say no?”
You simply say “NO” when asked and then as quickly as possible,
remove yourself from the area.
Don’t go on and on about it.
Don’t make up a grand story or explanation.
Just “No”.
Then – immediately – leave.
They will try to change your mind! Don’t give them the opportunity.

I can promise you; this is one word you will NEVER regret using!
Lucky for you; you’ll have the rest of your life
to celebrate the fact that you did!


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